About me

Having been a professional artist for almost 60 years, I never stop looking for new variations in colour combinations, composition and subject location. Of course, there are some colours which remain as proven, standard items and form the basis for experimentation and change in my paintings.

Altering just one colour on the palette, which is limited always to only four or five colours at a time, can produce exciting and unexpected possibilities. Depending on the subject, such changes often inspire me and lead to further exploration.

My travels often take me to wonderful, inspiring places and experiencing the different moods, aromas, colours and textures of such places adds even more value to the light and atmosphere which are individually characteristic of the areas and make them appealing to me as a painter.

When working on commissioned paintings, I try to embrace the essence of whatever location is the subject and apply it to the canvas.

Here on my website, I hope you will find images which are pleasing and inspirational to you. There are prints as well as original oil paintings. Of course, it’s not possible to display everything and this site simply allows a tiny glimpse into my creative world. I hope you will enjoy what you see.

If you wish to contact me, please do so, by telephone, email or via the contact form on the CONTACT page..