Collection: India

A country that enchants, enthrals and overwhelms the senses with its colours, smells and unbelievable beauty is, for an artist, a challenge like no other. India provokes all of these emotions, and so much more.  The intense noise and clamour of the towns and cities, vibrant with bright colour, contrasts, somehow, with the peaceful serenity of the people. I hope that my paintings of India capture some part of this.

The dusty, pink light of Rajasthan contrasts with the verdant greens of Kerala. Warm, morning mists on the River Ganges, at Varanesi, as sunrise welcomes the worshippers to bathe in the waters, contrast with the gently searing heat of the Thar Desert, each one giving different inspiration for my oil paintings. In Delhi, the architecture by Lutyens sits comfortably next to ancient monuments of the Moghul empire, found throught this exciting country.  Mumbai’s bustling centre is filled with culture, an abundance of art galleries and museums. In Agra, the Taj Mahal reigns supreme, as a truly beautiful wonder of the world.

My India oil paintings have found themselves in art collections throughout the world. To purchase your very own piece of India art, take a look at the collection of India paintings and add to your cart, for a piece of Eastern luxury in your home.