Collection: Bahamas

My first and longest-lasting impression of the Bahamas was the short flight from Miami in 1990, leaving Florida to fly across the ocean, and seeing the incredible colours of that water. I had no idea that these islands would inspire me to paint some of my most engaging, stimulating and emotional paintings of Bahamas over the next 30 years.....and more. 

The island of Abaco, in the northern Bahamas, along with the other smaller cays that form the Out Islands, is full of different areas of interest, from mangroves to cliffs and rocky outcrops.  But, I found the main beauty in the long, sandy beaches of Treasure Cay, with shallow, iridescent water, reflecting light with such dazzling impact that it sends shockwaves through the senses, almost in disbelief at such beauty.

Further south, islands such as Eleuthra, Harbour Island and the Exumas all have their own distinct characteristics, each one presenting different colours and creative impulses.

In trying to capture the impressions and emotional responses that these places invoked, subtle changes of palette were required for my Bahamas seascape paintings.

With so many sketchbooks and photos from times spent in the Bahamas, I have a seemingly endless source of inspiration for paintings, for years to come. Here is where you will find examples of Bahamas seascape art for every location.