Studio Reveals Great Finds. Take a look.

After many, many years, my studio re-furbishment was long overdue, as were changes to the storage areas in the main house. What a job!  Anyone who has undergone a “clearout” after 30 years being in one place will understand exactly what I mean. New racking units of industrial scale have been fitted and my seascape paintings, other oil paintings, watercolours and dozens of sketch books are presently being relocated.

It is interesting finding lots of “old friends”, oil paintings from years ago from locations such as Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Portugal, India and Morocco. This is my history and a record of my work over the last half century.

Old drawings, ripped from larger sheets of paper, scribbles on serviettes, notes on envelopes…….all contributed to the many images in my head that became oil paintings or watercolours. Looking through them now is like being whisked back over the decades in a similar way that photographs do, only with a more personal and excitingly vivid impact. I made those notes, those scribbles, those shorthand symbols that indicate time of day, direction of light. I didn’t just take a photo. I studied the subject closely, marking details about mood, colours and smells, light and shade……how a particular location felt to me. The impression. The indefinable thing that caught my eye and made me want to paint that subject.

Amongst the groups of paintings in storage, I found the wonderful images of the Seychelles, a commissioned collection I was asked to produce over 2003/4. After the Seychelles Collection Exhibition, in London, these paintings came back to the studio and have remained there ever since. Now is the time to let them breathe again.  Here is one of the most beauriful and impressive, “Fly Fishing On Alphonse”. At 52″ x 44″, this is a magnificent and impressive piece, giving the impression of looking right out over the flats with the fishermen patiently waiting in one of the world’s top bone-fishing locations.

1. Fly Fishing On AlphonseLR cc

To find out more about this or other Seychelles oil paintings, contact me directly. There will be other similar images posted over the next few weeks.

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New Work Underway With More Thames Oil Paintings

These two small oils  of Chelsea Embankment, one looking east, the other, west, received a lot of interest at the St Mary-at-Hill Exhibition. As did the other Thames oil paintings. So, I’m preparing to expand this series of oil paintings along the river, which will be shown later in the year.

Chelsea Embankment I. Oil on Board. 2017. LR





Chelsea Embankment II .12ins x 10ins. Oil on board. 2017. LR

The online brochure of the latest exhibition, “The Thames And Other Waterways”, is available to view at . 

During the summer months, studio visits are available by appointment. Come and see a huge range of seascape and Thames oil paintings as well as the complete range of Derek Hare Seascape Paintings published as Limited Edition Giclée Prints.

Oil Painting Commissions are welcomed. Contact us with your proposals and ideas.

Contact us by email to be sure you get information on new works as well as invitations to forthcoming exhibitions.

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“The Thames And Other Waterways”

St Paul's Skyline. 24ins x 20ins. 2017. LR

All ready to open on Monday, June 5th at St Mary-at-Hill, Lovat Lane, EC3R 8EE.MainLogo

“The Thames And Other Waterways” exhibition has seascapes and river paintings from different locations but a large part of this current show is based on the River Thames, with paintings of St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminister Bridge and Chelsea Embankment amongst others.

The exhibition is open daily, Monday June 5th to Saturday June 10th, 11.00am to 6.00pm. Visit the exhibition and enjoy this wonderful Sir Christopher Wren building.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institute is being supported at this exhibition, the River Thames being a coastal waterway up to Teddington and St Mary-at-Hill being close to the RNLI station near Tower Bridge.  RNLI LOGO




The Italian Restaurant, Salotto31, Lovat Lane, is generously sponsoring the exhibition and also giving substantial food discounts to any exhibition visitors







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“The Thames And Other Waterways”. Exhibition in June.

My next exhibition of seascape and maritime paintings, “THE THAMES AND OTHER WATERWAYS”, will be in a more unusual setting. Not in a gallery this time, but in a rather special church. The Church of St Mary-At-Hill in the City of London

Wren, Tallis, Mundy, Carlisle, Hooke and Beckett  have all made their mark at St-Mary-At-Hill, making the church a must see tapestry of City of London history.

Much of the original building was destroyed in the Great Fire of London (1666), but the walls and frame remained standing. The building has survived two further major fires, and it stood unscathed through the Blitz. Although marked by its experiences, the spectacular interior retains the beauty and grace of Wren’s vision.

The River Thames will feature strongly in this exhibition, from the barrier up to Richmond. The modern buildings that form the modern City of London skyline envelop the older, more interesting buildings. The church spires, warehouses and wharves that created the character of London’s skylines, are now mostly lost in a sea of glass and concrete.

With oil paintings featuring Greenwich, Westminister Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral and other landmarks, I try to capture glimpses of some of the key elements still instantly recognised as London, not just another city skyline, similar to many other locations around the world.

Westminister Bridge. 30ins x 24ins. 2017. LR

June 5th – 10th.

St Mary-At-Hill     Lovat Lane    Eastcheap   London    EC3R 8EE

Invitations to the Private View will be going out soon.

If you’re not already on our mailing list, please send your address details to

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Finished Portrait………..New Oil Paintings Beginning

Now the portrait is completed, with only framing to prepare, the studio changes again to allow the next oil paintings to proceed.

Final v2

Exhibition Of Oil Paintings In June

The Church of St Mary-At-Hill, just off Eastcheap, in the City Of London, will be the venue for my next exhibition of oil paintings, opening June 5th. An unusual location for me, I know, but very beautiful, with features by                    Sir Christopher Wren.

This exhibition will feature, appropriately, given the close proximity to Old Billingsgate, oil paintings of the river Thames at such locations as Greenwich, Putney and Galleons Reach as well as seascapes  from other areas. Whilst many of the City Of London landmarks, like St. Paul’s Cathedral and other notable buildings are now dwarfed by modern concrete and glass structures, thereby obliterating what was once a recognisable skyline, I do hope to capture some of the elements that distinguish London from any other city in the world.

St Mary at Hill 2

St. Mary-At-Hill, London. This facade still remains, as does the clock!

For information about this exhibition or anything else to do with my paintings, please use the contact page on this website or email:

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The New Year begins with a Portrait Commission.

At the beginning of another year, it’s time to take stock and set out the plans for the next 12 months……and beyond. A portrait painting at the start of the year…………Why not?

Something a little different to start off. I’m currently working on a three head portrait. That is,oil portraits of three grown up offspring of a very old and dear friend and long-time collector of my landscape and seascape paintings, all on the one canvas.

You didn’t know I did portraits? Well, I don’t normally, but there are sometimes exceptions and this is one of those. Don’t get me wrong, I really do enjoy painting portraits. It’s just that landscape and seascape paintings are what I specialise in. I also paint the nude, which again is very demanding. The human form in any situation is wonderful and presents a terrific and satisfying challenge.

Now, getting one portrait right is problematic enough………but three on the same canvas presents a very special set of problems. If one fails, the entire oil painting fails and so my concentration levels are at their peak. This means no phone calls, no visitors, no………..anything, until the entire painting gets to a stage where I can step back a bit. The studio is holy ground at this point. No-one gets in.


                                                                 The first two heads in the beginning stages.


The third head will be commencing in the next few days and the next blog will show progress of all three. As these two photos show, the basic colour ground is yellow/orange. This gives a great starting point for portraits and also landscapes, as a basis for the underpainting tones. Plain white canvas is not very inspiring & drains any colour as soon as it is applied. A strong contrast punches the next layer of paint and gives it zing. The painting comes alive immediately, even with very little content, at this stage.

Check back here in a few days to follow the progress of this and other oil paintings in progress.

 View our range of original seascape oil paintings and limited edition prints.

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Order Your Prints Before The Christmas Rush

Exhibitions are now finished for the year and it’s time to plan next year’s shows and commissions. Before that, Christmas is coming and the fantastic seascapes that are available to purchase through the website make wonderful presents.

Limited edition prints, signed and numbered by Derek Hare, can be purchased directly on our website as well as via our Facebook Page, Derek Hare Seascape Paintings.

limited edition giclee prints

Important Pre-Christmas Delivery Information

In order to ensure delivery in time for Christmas, please place your order no later than December 10th. Orders placed after that date may not be processed in time and we don’t want disappointed customers!

As a special offer, a personal dedication may be added at no extra cost.

Of course, Original Oil Paintings are something that you would probably want to see in real life before deciding to purchase. This can be arranged anywhere around the globe. Our secure payment system allows Original Oil Paintings to be sent “On Approval” for you to view in your home or office.

Contact us for more information.







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Exhibition At La Galleria Pall Mall

The exhibition opened on Monday with a great number of visitors all day long. Hoping for a great week with lots more art buyers coming along.

Showing oil paintings of seascapes and coastlines from places such as Bahamas, India and Portugal as well as around the UK, this exhibition in one of the top London galleries is already receiving a wonderful response. Very easy to find, La Galleria Pall Mall is close to Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery.thames-from-petersham-2016-18ins-x-14ins-lr

We’re open daily from 11.00 – 6.00, Saturday 11.00 – 5.00

If you require any further information, call 07711 555 812 or email us at



“Thames From Petersham”     18″ x 14″

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Exhibition Of Oil Paintings At La Galleria Pall Mall

Event Details

Opening on Monday, October 31st to Saturday, November 5th, La Galleria once again hosts an exhibition of oil paintings by Derek Hare.


“Thames From Petersham18” x 14”

Monday to Friday 11.00 to 6.00.
Saturday  11.00 to 5.00

La Galleria
30 Royal Opera Arcade
Pall Mall



To make sure of receiving your invitation to the Private View, please e-mail us to send your details. Of course, these details remain totally with us and are never passed on to third parties.

















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Welcome to our dazzling new website.

Whether you are viewing on desktop, tablet or mobile phone, this new site has been designed to ensure easy navigation and viewing wherever you are and whatever piece of kit you are using at the time. No clumsy buttons to find when you want to revisit a page or two back. Give it a go!

Here you will find a selection of oil paintings depicting locations such as the Bahamas, Portugal, Thailand, Vietnam, France as well as Northumberland, East Anglia and other parts of the UK.

Our exclusive range of Limited Edition Giclée prints are also displayed, and, with a newly designed shopping cart, it’s a piece of cake to select and buy with a few simple clicks. With free shipping in the UK, there are no nasty extras when you get to checkout. Try it out and see just how easy it is!
We don’t spend a lot of time posting news and blog items… except when there’s something important like a new painting or print being added. So, if you join our mailing list, have no fear, you will not be bombarded with news every week. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram take care of that.

Designed by Pixelpuncha, we hope you will enjoy visiting this site and come back again to view new works.

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